Welcome to the era where your home kitchen can match the prowess of professional culinary spaces, all thanks to Viking. Formerly reserved for restaurant kitchens, Viking now brings commercial cooking technology and innovation right into your home. And there’s something exciting brewing – Viking, now infused with a new culture from Middleby, is on a relentless journey to ensure their products, quality, and service stand as the epitome of excellence. Welcome to the New Viking, where kitchens truly begin.

Origins of Excellence

Synonymous with the culinary lifestyle and driven by a passion for innovation, Viking is the originator of the professional-grade range for home kitchens. For almost four decades, Viking’s industry-leading innovations have set the American standard for modern luxury kitchens.

Leadership in Action

True leadership demands confidence, vision, and courage. Viking, in its nearly 40-year journey, has led the way in revolutionizing kitchen appliances. From cooking and ventilation to refrigeration and cleanup, Viking consistently delivers professional performance coupled with stunning design.

Roots in Greenwood: Where Flavors and Excellence Meet

Great leaders never forget their roots. Viking originated in Greenwood, Mississippi—a town rich in diverse influences and unwavering values of family, home, and excellence. These values, embedded in Viking’s DNA, shaped their first range and continue to guide their journey.

Unveiling the Future

After nearly four decades of pioneering, Viking is far from done. The journey of innovation and dreaming continues. With advanced performance features and bold design concepts, Viking is ready to surprise and delight. Get ready to witness what’s new and what’s next from the culinary trailblazers.

In the world of kitchens, one name stands out—Viking. Because, for Viking, kitchens don’t just exist; they begin here, with a legacy of excellence and a vision for the future. Contact Source today at (843) 352-4280 to get started on selecting the best Viking products for your home! Let the culinary revolution begin in your kitchen.