Shipping/Warehouse Instructions

Our Shipping Process

Thank you for the opportunity to service your purchasing and shipping needs. Although shipping into the various islands we serve sounds fairly simple, in reality it can be quite complicated with many variables at play. The best way to ensure an on time arrival and an easy on-island clearing process is to be proactive and provide all required information and forms to our logistics team complete and well in advance of the shipment date.  

Source Consulting’s policy is to receive product invoice, carrier, and tracking information for each item that is ordered and expected to arrive into our warehouse PRIOR to freight delivery. To properly inventory, we must rely on packing lists and your carrier / tracking information. In terms of receiving material into our Miami warehouse, we have receiving capabilities between 8:30 and 5:00 pm Monday- Friday. Freight must arrive as fully packaged for export. The warehouse does not open freight packages or pallets unless necessary due to visible external damage. Vendors often ship orders as partial. We advise that you request your vendors to ship the orders once complete. This cuts down on shipments arriving as piece-meal and reduces the number of shipments overall.

Our Payment Process

Every aspect of your Source purchase and shipping experience should be fast and easy. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our international business, we do not offer personal payment terms. Corporations and business entities may receive payment terms with an approved credit application and standing payment history. All personal items must be paid prior to purchase and/or warehouse release. Source accepts payment by credit card, wire transfer or verified check. For more information, please speak to your account executive or logistics agent.

All cargo must be addressed as follows:

Source Consulting, LLC

ATTN:  (Your Name) – (Island Destination)

Example: Cassie Ladoux – Virgin Gorda

Miami Warehouse

8320 NW 14th Street

Miami, FL 33126


* Please alert your drivers that upon arrival to our location the receiving bay door numbers are 46-50 with check in at door 64. 

Proper documentation at delivery must include:

  1. Client & Project / Job Name
  2. A copy of the Commercial Invoice listing the purchase #. This can be attached in a packing slip to the cargo or within the packaging. Driver must have a valid form of ID for receiving to process.

  • Upon shipment’s arrival, the warehouse will inspect the shipment for visible damage or shortages. All damages will be photographed and notated on the carrier bill of lading.  The cargo will be refused if the damages are extensive.
  • The warehouse will weigh and measure all cargo. All shipments will be entered into our logistics software system in the form of a warehouse receipt. The freight will be labeled and warehoused in the corresponding bin location in the warehouse.
  • All outbound shipments will be generated by the account manager in the form of a cargo release. The cargo release will be sent both electronically to the RF scanner and physically to the warehouse supervisor.
  • All cargo on the cargo release is scanned out of the system to ensure that all shipments are loaded.
  • Prior to the acceptance of any container, it is inspected to ensure that it is in the proper condition necessary for transportation. When containers fail the inspection the account manager will be immediately notified and the container will be returned to the steamship company for a new container.
  • When loading full container loads, the procedures as outlined in the “Outbound Procedures” section of this document must be followed.
  • The warehouse will photograph the loaded containers. All containers are properly sealed before allowing the container to leave the facility.
  • When loading LCL and airfreight shipments, the procedures as outlined in the “Outbound Procedures” section of this document must be followed.
  • All loose cartons will be stretch wrapped onto a pallet, unless the account manager directs the warehouse to ship the cartons loose.
  • Warehouse receiving of HAZMAT shipments will follow the same procedure as outlined in the “Warehouse Receiving Procedure” section of this document with the following exception:
    1. All HAZMAT shipments must be stored in the HAZMAT area and stored based on compatibility.

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