Embarking on a home improvement journey is a significant step, and at Source Kitchen & Bath, we understand the importance of simplicity and expertise in this process. When you choose Source for your project, you’re not just getting a team; you’re gaining a partner committed to making every step of your home improvement journey seamless. As a locally owned and operated business with an award-winning design team, we serve both residential and commercial clients with dedication and passion.

Wild Dunes: Where Utility Meets Elegance

Creating a space that seamlessly blends utility with elegance is an art, and this is precisely what Source’s Kitchen & Bath achieved with the captivating kitchen in Wild Dunes. The Ingram family approached Source with a vision—to revitalize their kitchen to better reflect their unique style.

At the heart of our process is understanding our clients. We spent dedicated time with the Ingram family, listening to their ideas and preferences, and ensuring that their vision became the driving force behind the design. Our mission: to craft the perfect kitchen that not only meets functional needs but also resonates with the family’s lifestyle.

A key objective for the family was to establish a harmonious flow between the kitchen and dining room. We addressed this by integrating cabinets and a SubZero wine cooler into the island. This not only added valuable storage space but also created an extended countertop—a perfect spot for rolling out holiday gingerbread or presenting hors d’oeuvres to neighbors.

From the initial concept to the final details, we approached the design with utmost seriousness. The Wild Dunes kitchen is not just a space; it’s where the family begins and ends each day. Every element, from the smallest details to the grand design features, was carefully orchestrated to ensure everything worked harmoniously.

At Source, we uphold ourselves to a high standard of work, and this space exemplifies that principle. We take pride in delivering excellence and creating spaces that go beyond expectations.

Ready to Embark on Your Own Kitchen Remodel?

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