Source Consulting has been fortunate to have Cassie on its team for the past 12 years. As a member of Source’s logistics department, Cassie has been able to witness Source Consulting’s dedication first-hand. Not only is she able to observe Source’s processes and results while they are still in progress, but also after completion. With such an experienced individual in Source’s logistics department, Source Consulting continues to lead the industry and show its commitment to quality products.


Cassie was finding herself feeling dissatisfied with the traditional logistics industry and sought ways to make a change. She stumbled upon Source’s owner, Chris, posting about a position at Source that caught her eye. Source allows its employees to truly make decisions and ultimately create their own work environment—making it both different and interestingly appealing to Cassie. One thing that has kept Cassie’s position at Source interesting is moving office locations as it makes the job “more lively!”


Cassie is Source’s problem solver extraordinaire when it comes to quoting and billing. Cassie’s favorite part about working at Source is figuring out something complicated. When stumbling upon harder loads, things Source has not done in the past, or routing items differently Cassie sees an exciting challenge that gets her out of the day-to-day routine and adds excitement to her day. A traditional person may see these challenges and mysteries as overwhelming but Cassie looks forward to these situations and is ready to solve any issue at Source! She solves problems for the warehouse without ever stepping foot in it! Cassie stated that “I get the most excited when there’s a mystery and I am able to solve it. Not just because I am figuring it out because I am not there”. 


Cassie has witnessed first-hand how Source went from being a client of warehouses to leasing and managing their own warehouse facility. Nowadays, Source self-manages this large portion of the building by equipping it with its own equipment such as forklifts, and monitoring what is going on inside through employee communication and cameras. Cassie takes great pride in having supported Source’s growth journey throughout all these years filled with opportunities “it’s almost like a new job every year,” as she puts it!