While we at Source like to envision the glass as half-full, the truth of the matter is that we’re a little short on glass altogether!

It’s no surprise to hear about supply chain issues impacting industries of all kinds. With inflation at an all-time high, 2+ years of a global pandemic interrupting general operations, and a variety of employees shifting positions, we’re no stranger to shortages. 

This combination of the global pandemic, international tariffs, and shipping container issues means that glass has become continuously more difficult to find, and more expensive to purchase as a result of this supply and demand skew. 

How is glass made in the first place? A combination of sand, soda ash, lime, and lots of heat. To see a better visualization of how this process works check out this video: 

While the availability of glass may not often be at the forefront of your mind, this lack of available glass is impacting industries all the way from car manufacturers to alcohol companies. We hate watching businesses take a hit as a result of circumstances outside of their control.

As a company that sources all sorts of parts for building projects of all kinds, we’re no strangers to this issue either. Our suppliers warn that some products may be temporarily unavailable, increased in price, and may take a bit longer than usual to install. Since we work with many different suppliers at Source, each of the many types/brands of doors and windows in both the Caribbean and in Charleston differs. To find out what options you have, we’d recommend calling our Project Manager, Randy King (843-998-1185),  to ensure we have the right product at the right time for the right price. 

We would strongly encourage anyone who is looking to install windows/doors to place their orders sooner rather than later. Since there may be delays, the earlier you get your order in, the earlier we can service you and begin the project of your dreams. Even with all of these factors, we pride ourselves on serving our customers the best we can. We know that these shortages are only temporary and we remain committed to working through any issues that may arise. We commit to you as our customer and will try to navigate any challenges in the most efficient manner possible.

To check out our window suppliers and see what options are available to you, visit our website or give us a call today: 843-352-4280.