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What is LVP Flooring and Why is it So Popular?!

If you’ve been looking to switch up the flooring in your property, you may have heard about an evergrowing popular option called LVP flooring. LVP, or Luxury Vinyl Plank, is an alternative to hardwood floors that is often durable, affordable, and remains visually pleasing.  Benefits LVP flooring can be installed on top of most flat

Industry News: Supply Chain Issues

A supply chain doesn’t get disrupted overnight and it doesn’t get fixed in a 24-hour window either. It likely comes as no surprise to hear about supply chain issues. In fact, we’re certain you’ve experienced the repercussions of it in some capacity whether it be a lack of chicken on the shelf or your furry

Wild Dunes Kitchen

Creating a space that combines utility with elegance is a tedious task; but that is exactly what Source’s Kitchen & Bath Designer, Jennifer Frati, accomplished with this kitchen in Wild Dunes. The Ingram family came to Source looking to update their kitchen so that the space would better reflect the family’s style. To get started,

Bahamas, Isn't It Time For A New Way of Easy?

  I am often asked, “What do you do at Source?”. It can be complicated, difficult, and thankless, but always challenging and extremely rewarding especially when it means helping residents and businesses recover. I’d like to take a moment to introduce our products, services, and our role as we continue to rebuild together. I’d also

Helping Each Other. It’s Today’s Vaccine.

Helping Each Other. It’s Today’s Vaccine. You asked. We answered. And we continue to help. Based on the overwhelming requests from our customers, our team has been working non-stop locating and vetting potential suppliers for both N95 and KN95 self-priming, antiparticle respirators (masks) as well as other sanitary items currently in high demand. Specifically, we

An Earth Day Special

This week marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and to celebrate the Source team wanted to highlight two brands that not only represent the top of the line products while also striving to protect the environment.   Ecopile: Everything about the EcoPile makes it one of the most environmentally friendly choices when choosing a

Abacos Isn't It Time for a New Way of Easy?

Purchasing and shipping to the Abacos Islands do not have to be expensive, complicated or frustrating. At Source, we deliver unique and effective purchasing and logistics solutions that save time and money and allow our clients and residents to focus on repairing their homes and rebuilding and operating their businesses. One call. That easy. Together

Some Very Important Sticks in St. Thomas

When creating a culinary experience, many conceive the complexities of designing the menu and training staff, but what is often overlooked is the design of the restaurant itself. The design and ambiance of a restaurant sets the mood for the meal; the team at the Easterly in St. Thomas understood this and dedicated themselves to

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