As one of the leading manufacturers of interior and exterior doors for residential and architectural use, Masonite enhances buildings through innovative door solutions, a friction-free customer experience, and unmatched service. With over 95 years of experience, Masonite recognizes that a door transcends its physical presence. It becomes an integral part of daily existence and that’s why Masonite believes the doors you select for your home should be a reflection of your unique identity and the principles you value.


Masonite is committed to perpetual innovation, honing its designs, and discovering ways to offer solutions that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. Their doors are far more than mere panels; they are essential components for any structure, facilitating productivity, offering security, and serving a multitude of purposes. Masonite specializes in crafting doors tailored for residential, hospitality, healthcare, education, and office buildings. 

Masonite is also dedicated to safeguarding the environment and minimizing its ecological footprint. By 2030, Masonite has set ambitious environmental objectives to accomplish. With a global team of around 10,700 employees, their aim is to create secure and enriching work environments and ensure equal opportunities for all. Masonite prioritizes the ethical treatment of employees and suppliers, responsible sourcing of raw materials, the production of top-quality products, optimized packaging, and efficient and safe distribution channels.


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