DuChateau Floors is a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and design excellence. Founded in 2007, they were the first to bring wide-plank matte-finish flooring to the US market and created a whole new segment of home décor. Their passion for design has guided them ever since, leading them to places around the world in search of ideas and inspiration. From architecture to fashion, DuChateau Floors uses natural elements to create something truly unique for its customers. 

Not only do DuChateau Floors specialize in flooring and wall coverings, but they also have an array of products ideal for interior designers. Cabinetry, doors, closets, vanities – you name it! Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern kitchen designs or exclusive outdoor furniture collections from top brands worldwide, DuChateau Floors has something for everyone. 

Speaking of quality craftsmanship and innovation – if you’ve ever dreamt about creating a space that is both timeless yet bold in its style and individuality then look no further than DuChateau Floors. From ultra matte finishes to bold textures and hues – their high performance floors are designed to make a statement while also being made from superior materials that can stand up well against everyday life wear and tear. 

So whether you’re looking to make a subtle statement with sleek details or create an elaborate living space that speaks volumes – DuChateau Floors has something perfect for your interior design project. Their excellent product range reflects their commitment to providing top notch products that are designed to last without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. With their deep respect for the environment coupled with high quality craftsmanship – there’s no doubt why so many interior designers turn to them when looking for reliable materials that will help transform ordinary spaces into timeless works of art!

If you would like to learn more about DuChateau Floors and Source’s premium products, visit our website or contact Source at (843)-352-4280