For those looking to make a statement in the bathroom for 2023, there is no shortage of trends that can be applied. From the use of bold colors and textures to create a cohesive look, to modernizing the overall aesthetic, these trends are sure to lend a touch of luxury to any space.


When it comes to color choices, many designers are veering away from traditional whites and grays and going bold with bright pops of color. For example, jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue can have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of the room. Additionally, gold accents offer a hint of sophistication while creating an inviting appearance that feels timeless.


Textures are also making waves in bathroom design this year. Incorporating different textures within the same space helps create visual interest by adding dimension and depth without taking up additional physical space. Whether it’s adding texture through tilework or opting for warmer materials such as wood paneling or stone countertops, texture can go a long way in making a statement within any bathroom. 


Speaking of tiles – geometric patterns are set to be all the rage this year when it comes to decorating floors and walls with tile work. This classic approach allows homeowners to combine practicality with style while still achieving their desired effect – whether that’s an old-school Victorian vibe or something more contemporary. For example, pairing black-and-white tilework with white fixtures such as faucets and vanities is sure to add some classic elegance into any bathroom design. Additionally, incorporating specialty tiles such as glass mosaic will give your bathroom additional flair and help elevate its look overall! 


Layered lighting is another key trend for 2023 when it comes to designing bathrooms this year; layering lighting in multiple ways helps create atmosphere while also providing functional illumination throughout the space. For instance, installing multiple layers such as task lighting above sinks and vanity areas for convenience during grooming; ambient light for general illumination; accent lights for decorative purposes; and natural light via skylights or windows if possible will create both visual interest and practicality when planning a new wash space layout! 

Overall, 2023 promises plenty of opportunities for homeowners looking to update their existing bathrooms or incorporate modern elements into newly built spaces alike! By playing with color palettes, textures, geometric patterns, and layered lighting fixtures – you can transform your current bathroom into one that truly reflects your personal style while remaining timelessly elegant! Ready to start designing your dream bathroom? We at Source are here to make your design dreams come true! Visit our website and or give us a call today at 843-352-4280.