At Source, our mission is to deliver exceptional resources that exceed expectations. One supplier that makes this operation possible is Upstate Door. As we strive to provide you with dreamlike results throughout your design process, Upstate Door gives us the opportunity to source phenomenal fine door solutions.

Upstate Door designs and delivers top-of-the-line interior, exterior, and specialty door solutions. Ranging from traditional to unique style needs, they offer complete customization throughout the building process. Their services supply handcrafted doors with precision technology and remarkable results.

Each product sourced through Upstate Door embodies clean-cut design and exclusive personalization. Their products are produced through partnering your specifications and designs with their expert craftsmen and knowledge.

At Source, we love working with Upstate Door because they make walking through the design process so much easier. Their resources and expertise offer guidance to finding the best fine door solutions. As a company that takes pride in the highest quality products and services offered, we work with Upstate Door to provide just that.

Upstate Door will extend your design dreams into real life. From collaborating with architects, builders, and homeowners, Upstate Door will ensure your vision becomes a reality from the source. If you are interested in all Upstate Door has to offer for your space, check out their gallery here or visit their website at

If you are as excited about your design process as we are here at Source, reach out to us at (843) 352-4280 and we can help you get started on finding the best fine door solution through Upstate Door!