Renovations, new building projects, and repairs can be a headache for many, but for us at Source Consulting LLC, it’s a challenge we love to conquer with our unique skill set. We like to think of ourselves as one of the best-kept secrets, allowing clients the opportunity to make their dreams come true — if you can envision it, then we can Source it!  

A Team of Dreamers

Source’s day-to-day is never dull and we invite new challenges to conquer each day with eagerness. Source was born out of CEO Chris Findlay’s family’s adoration for the shipping business. What started as a Charleston-based exotic wood import operation in 2001 quickly turned into the Source you may know today, one of the largest exotic wood importers in the nation. We love dreaming up spaces and subsequently deliver unique and effective purchasing and logistics solutions that save time and money. This allows our clients to focus on their core business success instead of the stress that accompanies purchasing and shipping.

Projects Everywhere

With the quick expansion we faced, our footprint at Source now offers global purchasing and logistics services throughout the Caribbean Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and the Americas. With just one single telephone call, our construction-related supplies and materials can be shipped virtually anywhere for our clients as a result of the unique connections we have built throughout the years with our consolidated purchasing and shipping platform. The business we have received since the beginning of Source has allowed our staff to travel to complete incredible projects. Whether we’re serving clients in our backyard in Mount Pleasant or heading down to the Caribbean, we are blessed with a fantastic team to help you and your goals. 

Projects of All Kinds

Not only do we source projects everywhere, but we also complete projects of all kinds! The first step to perfecting a project begins with listening to the client’s needs and goals. Once we’ve established this, we boast any product for any project and offer doors, windows, flooring, decking, tile, stone, cabinets, countertops, hardware, window treatments, natural stone, shutters, and much more. We can bring you the finest industry standard kitchen and bath with hand-selected premium products, renovations to redefine existing spaces, shipping containers, or whatever else you can imagine. 

A Team with Expansive Knowledge

If there’s one thing our team knows how to do, it’s to collaborate to get you the results you want. With nearly 20 professionals on our team that have various experiences and expertise, our staff can guide you on all fronts whether this is logistics, financial, operations, design, or anything in between. Teamwork makes the dream work may be a cliché, but it happens to be true when it comes to handling your projects with care and proficiency. 

With years of experience, a vision for your spaces, unique connections around the United States and beyond, a team of experienced professionals, and an eagerness to complete day-to-day challenges, we love what we do here at Source Consulting LLC and we think you will too. For your next project, reach out to the company you know will do it best. Talk to us today by calling (843) 352-4280, sending us an email at, or visiting our website: