A supply chain doesn’t get disrupted overnight and it doesn’t get fixed in a 24-hour window either. It likely comes as no surprise to hear about supply chain issues. In fact, we’re certain you’ve experienced the repercussions of it in some capacity whether it be a lack of chicken on the shelf or your furry Fido running low on pet food. The current supply chain issues are a culmination of many issues that have been brought to the surface as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of re-imagining the new normal in a post-quarantine world. 

At the beginning of 2020 with shut-downs across the world, economies across the globe slowed and halted their production. This production cut was not helped by the shortage of employees throughout the pandemic, virtually impacting every industry from agriculture to apparel, to raw materials and electronics. Once things started to ramp back up, the world was left with a limited supply of goods,  a high demand, and largely raised prices. 

While production was cut in various industries, many individuals stopped spending their money in areas they typically would have in-person such as restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment. Yet, their money was still being spent in other areas where shipping was available, raising demand and prices even further and ultimately reconstructing some of the ways people used to act pre-pandemic.  

When it comes to materials at Source, we love all things relating to building, which has been impacted by the slowing of the forest products industry. Since we do many projects related to decking and siding, doors, flooring, railings, and kitchens, wood is our bread and butter. Issues in the forest products industry range from logging operation issues, delays in production and manufacturing, and delivery of products being out of schedule and timeliness, all of which have resulted in increased costs of products for the public. 

Since these changes to the supply chain did not happen overnight, the world is still reaping the effects of these disruptions now and unfortunately will be for a bit longer. According to an economist from the New York Times, “It will require investment, technology and a refashioning of the incentives at play across global business. It will take more ships, additional warehouses and an influx of truck drivers, none of which can be conjured quickly or cheaply. Many months, and perhaps years, are likely to transpire before the chaos subsides.”

Despite the setbacks that are still here, we at Source have a fantastic team behind us to spearhead operations and source our clients with the projects they deserve. Our award-winning team knows how to handle new projects with expertise and precision. We work with homeowners, developers, builders, and DIYers in the Greater Charleston area, providing direct to factory access to hundreds of premium building materials and kitchen lines. Even with global supply chains out-of-whack, we are so proud to consistently deliver fantastic results to our clients and will continue to persist even within this hardship.