This week marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and to celebrate the Source team wanted to highlight two brands that not only represent the top of the line products while also striving to protect the environment.



Everything about the EcoPile makes it one of the most environmentally friendly choices when choosing a piling for your new dock or walkway. Every single EcoPile used saves several trees over the lifespan of the piling; every wooden pole that is driven into the ground is coated in chemical preservatives that hurt the marine ecosystems and are known to have shorter lifespans due to wood-boring organisms. On the other hand, the webbed substrate of the EcoPile is made up of recycled PVC, so for every foot of piling up to 10 pounds of plastic are being reused sustainably. EcoPile is designed to outlast all other pilings, and to meet all the rigors of harsh marine construction and is engineered for the exacting needs of walkways, boat lifts, and boathouses. Plus, when the piling is no longer needed, it is 100% recyclable.

Several states across the US have already banned the use of any kind of treated lumber that contacts the water. Many other states are following suit, by slowly drawing back the allowed amount of treatment in the wood. Although it helps to clean up the water, the wood is less protected, thus reducing its useful life. Homeowners used to see 20 to 30+ years of life out of a wooden piling, but now it is not uncommon for a wood piling to fail in less than half that time.



Caoba Doors’ commitment to the environment starts with manufacturing sustainable products engineered with materials designed to endure the test of time. Caoba’s products are built to provide lasting beauty, durability, and performance long after your initial investment. Caoba Doors is committed to using lumber harvested with sustainable methods that not only support the environment but also the local communities.

All of Caoba’s products are meticulously inspected during all phases of the manufacturing process to assure that we meet our clients’ expectations. They have built their business, reputation, and relationships by committing to excellence and by standing behind their product, and that is why the Source team so highly recommends them.


Source works in some of the most naturally beautiful places in the world and because of this we have a special appreciation for environmentally safe construction and prioritizes working with brands who share that value.

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