When creating a culinary experience, many conceive the complexities of designing the menu and training staff, but what is often overlooked is the design of the restaurant itself. The design and ambiance of a restaurant sets the mood for the meal; the team at the Easterly in St. Thomas understood this and dedicated themselves to creating a space that enhanced the dining experience. However, being located on an island with limited building supplies presented several logistical problems.



The Easterly team came to Source with the task of shipping local wood from Quintana Roo, Mexico to complete the roof of the restaurant in St. Thomas. Before reaching out to Source the team had been going back and forth with the manufacturer while attempting to ship the wood on their own. After four months of waiting for the wood to ship, they called Source. Once Source got involved things started moving smoother for the Easterly team. Cassie Ledoux, Source’s Director of Logistics, worked directly with the manufacturer to coordinate transportation for the wood to Puerto Morelos where Cassie had a shipping container and customs paperwork waiting. Once the wood was cleared by Mexican customs, Source’s Logistics team arranged for it to be loaded into a twenty-foot shipping container and shipped to Source’s 60,000 square foot Miami warehouse and then onto St. Thomas.

This is just one of the many stories of how Source makes shipping simple. Our next-level service has helped Source grow to become one of the largest licensed NVOCC freight forwarders purchasing and delivering building-related materials and cargo throughout the Caribbean Islands. Source represents hundreds of direct to factory products and materials with an integrated logistics platform allowing clients a simply consolidated purchasing and supply chain management experience.


Purchasing and shipping do not have to be expensive, complicated or frustrating. At Source, we deliver unique and effective purchasing and logistics solutions that save time and money and allow our clients to focus on their core business success.