This isĀ Source Relief.

I am fortunate and lucky to have a great team. This morning my staff provided me a great idea of how Source can help during uncertain times. Helping each other will be the true “driver” to emerge from this crisis.

Regardless of the current Covid-19 crisis, goods and supplies must ship to the islands we serve. Why?

Because these areas are supported by tourism and the majority of the products needed to live in these areas are imported and not produced on the island. Stopping the movement of cargo to these areas is simply not an option.
Starting immediately, Source Logistics will be providing current, previous or new customers 90 days of FREE warehouse storage.

Regardless of the size, if you get cargo to our Miami warehouse, our team will receive it, store it and hold it until you are ready to receive it (within 90 days). If you need help with inland shipping, click here.

We will continue to receive cargo until we run out of space (and we hope we do).

Together we have to support the economy. Deciding to purchase goods helps everyone. I hope that if Source can help reduce some cost it will make it possible for businesses, like yours, to make vital purchasing decisions again.

What can we do to help?

  1. To reserve your warehouse space:
    Contact our logistics team to provide cargo information:
  2. Our team will evaluate your cargo requirements, provide further instructions and issue you a drop off schedule and unique cargo identification number.