By Chandler B. Greene, VP/GM of Global Strategy at Source Global Procurement & Logistics

Having a career that allows you the opportunity to visit the most spectacular Caribbean locations in the world is a plus. Helping these small islands rebuild after a series of natural disasters is incredibly fulfilling. To be on Virgin Gorda the night the Honorable Vincent O. Wheatley and his VIP Party were elected, was perhaps one of the most memorable experiences in my Caribbean career.

“It was incredible to see how the people of the BVI’s supported and then celebrated this monumental, historic and important change of direction for the BVI’s government rule,” says Chris Findlay, CEO/President of Source. “To not only ‘see’ the celebration, but be part of it was very special.”

Vincent O. Wheatley is the 9th District Representative and Minister of Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration. He is the first Ninth District Representative to live within the Ninth District in over forty (40) years. The VIP is his Party of choice because it is very people-centric and offers a Legislative Agenda that promotes transparency, accountability, and Good Governance. His love and dedication to his community and country are undisputable, he is very approachable, knowledgeable and engaging.


Born in the Ms. Sarah Well area in the small village of North Sound, Virgin Gorda, Vincent attended the St. Mary’s Primary School in the Valley and was part of the Boys Brigade led by the late Winston Rhymer. After completing Primary School on Virgin Gorda, like his brothers and sisters before him, he went on to attend the British Virgin Islands High School (now Elmore Stoutt High School) on Tortola. After completing his secondary education, he returned to his homeland of Virgin Gorda and like most other persons on the island, went to work at Little Dix Bay Hotel, first as a busboy then as a waiter.


“My career at Source started in Virgin Gorda and Tortola shortly after the hurricanes hit. Our Director of Caribbean Services (Larry Rogers) lived on Virgin Gorda with his wife for more than 25 years. Chris, Larry and I witnessed the devastation up close and personal. Larry’s personal contacts with hundreds of the residents made this island a top priority for our team and very rewarding” says Chandler Greene, VP/GM of Global Strategy. “The dedication to the people and getting things accomplished that the Honorable Vincent O. Wheatley delivers has made this recovery possible.”   

It was common at that time, for persons, once hired at Little Dix Bay Hotel, to remain there for life, few persons ever left willingly. However, after three years, he had managed to save enough money for his first year of college and off he went to pursue a degree in Computer Science. He had developed a deep curiosity for computing after purchasing a commodore 64 computer and had taught himself basic computer programming.

Once at college, he excelled at all his classes and was able to petition the Government of Hon. Willard Wheatley to grant him a scholarship to complete his studies. He was successful in his bid for a scholarship and therefore added a second subject that was more relevant at that time to his community, mathematics. He would graduate as an Outstanding Mathematics Student and go on to become the first local mathematics teacher at the local high school. Vincent also holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Leeds in the UK.

Vincent left the teaching profession and went on to work in the private sector before returning to the Public Sector five years later as the Sister Islands Program Coordinator in the Deputy Governor’s Office. As Sister Islands Program Coordinator he has worked tirelessly for over eleven years. His contribution to the Territory is highly regarded, earning him the reputation of ‘the man who gets things done’.

Vincent lives in Handsome Bay, Virgin Gorda with his wife.  He has three children and one grandchild.