The homeowners of this beautiful Wharfside condo came to Source with specific needs in mind. Their dream kitchen consisted of a thoughtful space, perfect for cooking large family meals, and entertaining. Jennifer Frati, Source’s award-winning Sr. Kitchen and Bath Designer understood and interpreted the homeowners’ vision and helped to create one of the finest finished spaces to date.

Modern custom cherry wood ktichenTo start Jennifer collaborated with Grabil to create a custom kitchen island that would be stained to match the existing cherry wood flooring, creating a cohesive flow between the kitchen and the rest of the condo. Jennifer worked into the design of the kitchen island, ample storage and outlets optimize space usage in the kitchen. Knowing that this space would be heavily trafficked, Jennifer chose Grabil knowing the brand was up to the challenge. The founder of Grabil was known for demonstrating the durability of his product by allowing clients to walk on the wood and wiping it down to reveal a like-new product. Today Grabil continues the tradition of creating long-lasting products by using only the highest solids content for protection and retention of the wood’s true beauty.

When it came to perimeter cabinets, the goal was space optimization while maintaining a modern look and feel. To meet that need, Jennifer selected UltraCraft cabinets. UltraCraft is known for being exceptionally functional and beautiful, boasting the latest in ergonomic and functional hardware and a design that allows for 15% more usable space than manufacturers that rely on framed construction, an invaluable asset in the small spaces of downtown Charleston. When it came to color, Jennifer and the homeowners selected white for the perimeter cabinets, not only for the contrast it offered to the cherry wood but also for the modern and open feel it gave the space.



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