Large scale construction projects always have their fair share of problems and problem solving, but large-scale construction projects located on a private island in the Bahamas? That’s an entirely different situation. No runways and no ports. Just what is referred to as good old “island innovation” makes it all happen.

Problem solving is what makes Source Global Purchasing & Logistics so good at what they do and a long-term industry leader in procurement services and worldwide logistics.

“I often say to people, there is a way to accomplish anything. Our job is to find solutions to really difficult situations.” says Chris Findlay, CEO of Source. “In this case, it was very important construction materials that needed to get on island immediately. Without these materials, an entire project could have come to a standstill.”

Turbidity barriers are vital stormwater fencing used to restrict the flow of sediment-laden stormwater from running off a construction site. The solution? Find a small private air charter, pack it tight and get it on site! This included moving the materials from neighboring island airstrip to the construction site with less than 24-hour notice and seamless execution. Mission accomplished.