Imagine being a weary sailor stepping foot on dry land for the first time in weeks, maybe even months; you’d probably want somewhere to stretch out, relax, maybe have a few drinks, right? Well one very kind yacht owner came to Source to build an oasis for his crew in between trips.

When planning this grand property the Source team wanted to make sure that the crew would have not only space of their own but also places to spend time together, so our team created a beautiful outdoor living space featuring ocean views, ample seating, and a pool to cool off in.

While you may get lost in the beautiful seascape surrounding this villa, it is worth taking a look at the exterior of the home as well which features exotic hardwood, Caoba doors, and Kolbe windows. For this home all of the products were chosen of course with the owners’ aesthetic in mind but also with durability and longevity in mind.


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